We are a growing family of positive and devoted people!

Sharing in the same Brand vision, and the same ideals of Coffee & Food service. We are committed to the growth of Wake Cup and upholding quality and consistency it represents.

Pouring our hearts

In every single cup.

Our promise in every serving. Our sincerity in our smile. And Our joy in yours.

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Life begins after you Wake Cup

Wake Cup was founded in 2013 with the Idea that Indonesian Coffee is the best!  We wanted to create a Local Indonesian Coffeeshop with Real Indonesian Coffee with Indonesian Taste in mind at all times.  Simply great Coffee specially Crafted to suit the taste of the habitual premium coffee drinker! We offer our one of a kind House Blend that justly balances the aroma, acidity and thickness of coffees.

Our Food game is a strong one as we developed our menus with our market’s tongues in mind. A little fusion taste in our common-looking menus will surprise you and tingle your taste buds.

We are committed to serve delicious Indonesian Coffee for Indonesia.  Delicious Foods for any time of day.  And we aim to stay at a reasonable price range that can be accepted by everyone.

In 2018, there are 13 Wake Cup Branches in Indonesia and while we steadily grow, we are:

  1. Empowering more and more of Our People with Jobs.
  2. Providing exciting Business Opportunities to Our People.
  3. Serving great Indonesian Coffee to Our People who love to drink it.

It’s totally a WIN-WIN-WIN situation!


Career Searching?

Wake Cup Coffee & Eatery is on a steady growth and the #wakecupfamily is always in need of more and more new members that are hard working, energetic, and inspired!  Well, here you can browse and see if there are any available jobs that may be perfect for you or someone you may know!

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Business Searching?

Wake Cup Coffee & Eatery represents a sustainable Franchise-based business opportunity.  Where R.O.I. targets are realistic and standard operational procedures are straight forward.  We’ve created a system that is simple to follow and maintain.

We may have a business plan that fits your style!  Click below to