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  • Site Surveys
  • Market Study
  • Site Approval

Based on Wake Cup Criteria to ensure your branch gets good traffic for a quick Return of Investment!

Design & Build

The fun stuff!  The Contractor team build the shop while the opening teams Setup the operational and administrative aspects of the business.

Time to Wake Cup

Grand Opening!

All daily operations begin and we are there to support you all the way!

A few simple steps to a

A Hassle-Free Start!

We are committed to Simplification and Consistency in order to create a Hassle-Free system. We have a great system created specifically for a Franchise Business that's easy to understand and maintain!

In November 2018 we were awarded the Most Innovative Brand by the Indonesian Franchise Association. This award was an Honor to receive as we are continuously innovating. Click below to read the article.

It’s official!  We are receiving the award for the Most Promising Brand 2019 and we are excited!

Franchise Value

  • Market Knowledge
  • Product Knowledge
  • Standard Operational Procedure (SOP)
  • Employee SOP
  • Site Audits
  • Franchisee Training
  • Recipe Ingredients Supply
  • Stock Management Training
  • Recipe SOP & Training
  • Human Resource Hiring
  • Opening Team Support
  • Administration Support
  • Marketing Support
  • Operational Backup
  • IT Support
  • Re-Training Support
  • Human Resource Support

Our Latest Store Opening!

Wake Cup Coffee & Eatery @ PIK2

What is a Wake Cup Franchise?

A Wake Cup Franchise is a license or authorization given by Wake Cup to operate using the Brand as well as all the resources, rules, recipes, and operational procedures of the brand.

Why Franchise?

Starting a new business takes a lot of time and money.  And if you are inexperienced, there may be a lot of risks in making mistakes through trial and error – meaning losing money.  Hiring consultants may also cost a lot of money and not always reflect the results you expect.  However, a Franchise is a Shortcut to starting your business.

The Wake Cup team supporting you in every aspect.  We have experienced and overcome the risks and we’re here to share our secrets with you!

Why Wake Cup?

Wake Cup Coffee & Eatery represents a sustainable Franchise-based business opportunity where R.O.I. targets are realistic and standard operational procedures are straight forward.

Franchisee Requirements

  1. Has experienced Wake Cup Coffee & Eatery.
  2. Financially able to support the Capital Investment.
  3. Prepared to learn and operate the Franchise.
  4. Willing to accept and follow Wake Cup Standard Operation Procedure and guidelines/ethics.
  5. Share in the vision and development plans of Wake Cup.

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